About us

All about us is all about you.

We haven't changed; we've just got a new name. Our service, our value and our commitment to you, our customers, remain as unparalleled as ever. 

Our customers

You are what we're all about. Without you there'd be no us - and we'll never forget that. Your needs are our number one focus, no matter how big or small you are. 

Our locality

We're on your doorstep and under the skin of what you do and what you need. We're part of the same local environments and will always be there for you.  

Our reach

Consolidating into IWS means we can now utilise a nationalwide network, giving you access to more products from all the major brands as well as our products at very competitive prices. 

Our knowledge

Our technical experts are always at your disposal and always willing to help, check, teach, certify, service and find solutions to any challenges you might face.